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Welcome to the Peekskill Rotary’s 2020 Virtual Horse Show. Our events will run from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM today. Thank you for coming by and supporting us.

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Thank you to our video editors Harry Santiago from Cappytann’s Corner and Andrew Stein Videography for putting together our show.

Events Schedule
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    9:00 - Welcome and Introduction

    Peekskill Rotary Club President Jim Sacci and President-Elect Luis Segarra welcome you to the 50th Annual Horse Show.

    9:30 - Kids Entertainment Part 1

    Fun Children Activities including storytelling, dance video, magician, how to draw a horse, etc.

    10:30 - Kids Music Performances

    We will showcase some of the local young musicians and artists in our community and the Mentors who share their great love of the arts with them.
    • Mr. Simon Music
    • Michael Feigenbaum
    • Lavondo Thomas
    • Antonia Arts presents Scarlett’s OZical a rehearsal preview for “A Journey Home”
    • Anton and Joseph Klettner
    • Ridvan Foxhall NECS

    11:30 - Horse Show Equestrian Riders

    You’ll be able to watch all the entries for the equestrian part of our show. English and Western riders submitted their videos which will be judged by world renowned Kennis “Buttons Fairfax. Winners will be announced on the Equestrian page at the end of the day.

    12 Noon - Cooking Shows and Recipes

    Local chefs submitted cooking class videos for their favorite recipes. Warning, you’re going to get hungry.

    12:30 - Kids Entertainment Part 2

    More Fun Children Activities including the Bike Rodeo, Storytelling, Earthday, etc.

    1:30 - Horse Show Equestrian Riders Repeat

    2:00 - Things we Do

    We’ll review some of the service projects we do in our community and Internationally.

    2:30 - Organizations We Help

    The list of organizations we help and scholarships we award.

    3:00 - Daisy Jopling Music Performance Including Illuminance Short Premier

    • Joanna Wallfisch
    • Mark & Maggie O’Connor
    • Richie Goods
    • Daisy Jopling
    • Laila Biali
    • Irmi Wolvin
    • Aleksey Igudesman & Hyung-ki Joo

    4:15 - Farewell and Thank You

    Parting words from the Peekskill Rotary Horse Show Chairman, Luis Segarra.